Submitting Jokes

How To Submit Jokes

GodLaughsDotNet survives through the submissions of you the reader. Gather your clean God jokes together and send them to me. I will then periodically post the jokes to this blog.

Some Simple Guidelines

  1. Responses to contributions are not guaranteed. If it weren’t for contributions from people like you, we would have little to no material. However, since I’m just one person, responding to each contribution would take up a lot of time.
  2. Attributions in openers are given to *only* the first person who sends me the piece. I make very few exceptions on this. Thus, if you send me a contribution and it runs with someone else’s name attached to it, then you were not the first person to send it to me.
  3. If a piece has already run, it is rejected. I do make exceptions to this rule, but they are very rare.
  4. When sending a contribution, please include – at the *top* of your message – your name, city, state and country you live in. This way you can receive credit where credit is due.
  5. This is a desperate request – Please include *all* authorship and/or copyright information, whenever it’s possible, when you send in a contribution.
  6. Please remove *all* unnecessary forwarding information! If the piece has been forwarded several times, please remove all the garbage before sending it to me.
  7. Submissions with a daunting number of spelling and/or grammatical mistakes will require too much of my time to properly correct. Therefore, such submissions will be generally discarded.
  8. All contributions must be in English.

To submit a joke send me an email here!

Please note! This site is still under construction so the email link is not active yet.

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